School and Community

Yankalilla Area School is a part of the wider Yankalilla community.  It has ties with its feeder school, Rapid Bay Primary School as well as local clubs, businesses and churches.  ​

School and Community

The School has strong links with Rapid Bay Primary School and Yankalilla Community Children's Centre and the wider community including service clubs, businesses and churches.

Examples of school/community partnerships and support are:

  • Student Voice through the School's Leo Club
  • Work experience and work placement for senior school students
  • Support of students through the school based apprenticeship program
  • Support for the school’s Target Work programs
  • New student transition progams
  • Support and sponsorship for a range of fundraising events
  • Funding for student well being programs
  • The school’s breakfast program
  • Fellowship morning teas and lunches for staff provided by the local combined church groups

The school is most appreciative of the support of these organisations throughout the school.


Volunteering at YAS

Supportive partnerships between home and school contribute to the success of our school. We value parent and community involvement in a range of formal and informal ways. Below is a list of ways you can volunteer in our school.

 LAP/School Mentoring Programs - see separate article below.

 Governing Council

 Class Room Reading

 Excursion Help

 Granny Skills

 Knitting Nanna’s

 Admin Help

 Library Help

 Parents & Friend – see separate article below.

 Sporting Events

 Breakfast Club

 Music

And any other areas you can offer your special talents.

Do any of these areas sound interesting? If they do, please contact the school for more details. We welcome all volunteers regularly or for one off events.


Parents & Friends of YAS

Are you interested in joining a Parents and Friends of Yankalilla Area School?

Who is the P & F:

A group of parents and community members who like to help out around the school when and where they can and gather for informal meetings.

What do they do?:

Help out where possible and when needed. Some of the areas would include:

 Organize morning teas

 Welcome new families into the school

 Organise Mothers Day and Fathers Day Stalls

 Organise an Easter Raffle

 Coordinate Class Parent Representative and their roles

 Working Bee

 Sports Day Cake Stall and BBQ

 Be proactive in raising funds

 Craft mornings

 Brainstorm other ideas

Even if you don’t have time to attend meetings, we really appreciate help with serving, baking, cooking a BBQ or help at a working bee.

It is a great way to meet other parents and get involved at Yankalilla Area School, we look forward to welcoming you.


Volunteer Programs at YAS

The Learning Assistance Programme (L.A.P.)

Enabling students to develop resilience and wellbeing through positive mentoring.

The LAP Program is L.A.P. is a school-based mentoring programme relying on volunteer helpers to fulfil its task. Each volunteer works on a one-to-one basis once a week for about forty-five minutes – 1 hour with a child that has been matched to them and who has been identified as benefiting from assistance. The main aim of the volunteer is to support the development of the child's self-esteem. Volunteer (Mentors) come from all walks of life and can be parents, grandparents, old scholars, senior students and interested community members.  They each bring with them many special talents skills and interests to share with their student, examples being craft, cooking, knitting, woodwork, computers, reading, helping with a special project, writing, spelling, photography, chess and board game enthusiast and the list goes on.


Having another person by your side, who believes in you and is prepared to commit to helping you achieve your goals is life changing.  Mentoring is making a positive difference in the lives of many students across the school and they are showing significant improvement in their relationships with their peers, family and friends. Our L.A.P. volunteers have found the work both rewarding and stimulating. Volunteers have the opportunity to attend end of term coffee mornings, workshops and training where they can learn new skills and interact with other mentors. The kettle is always on to have a coffee and chat at any given opportunity too.

We welcome you to come and discover what it feels like to work in a one-to-one learning environment.

For more information contact the school or visit the LAP Website