Junior Years 

(Reception to Year 6) 

The Junior Years team understand that children are all individual, with different learning styles and preferences; they arrive at school with different skills, experiences and knowledge. Our learning activities are constructed in a way that allows our students to build on these skills and develop further. We work in close partnership with you to understand your children and to make sure that their learning needs are catered for in our delivery.

Children learn best in a predictable, nurturing learning environment. In the Junior School, learning focuses on literacy and numeracy through formal lessons, activity and play programmes and targeted, local, contextual learning programmes.

Accelerated Literacy is an innovative literacy program in all Junior Years classrooms. There is also a particular emphasis on hands on 'real world' maths, the Edible Kitchen Garden and Digital Technologies. Indonesian in an engaging and vibrant component of the curriculum that is taught through to Year 7.

We pride ourselves on:

  • a focus on face-to-face teaching in small classes and small groups

  • utilising the ‘Learning Street’ as a shared space in order for our students to work with peers and staff from other Junior Years classes
  • Connecting to community

  • Teaching in blocks of Literacy and Numeracy with additional support staff, with the integration of other curriculum areas

  • Incorporating ‘Play is the Way’ into our classrooms

  • Sharing our planning, giving and receiving feedback

  • Strong communication and positive professional relationships between staff and families                     

  • ENJOYING what our students bring and celebrating their growth

To meet the needs of our developing community of learners, our team work together to support individual students and build a sense of identity and belonging.

I feel privileged to work with our Junior Years team and believe whole-heartedly in the programs we currently offer. Every year we continue to reflect on our practice and refine our pedagogy so as to ensure the best outcomes for your children. We are a ‘team’ of dedicated, enthusiastic teachers who are thrilled to be teaching your children.  

Please see below a copy of our 

handbook - we trust that you find the information in this handbook helpful. If you require further information and advice from our Junior Years team, I invite you to make an appointment with myself to discuss matters further.