Bushfire Season

Our school is bushfire ready. 

Our school has detailed plans in place to keep your child safe in the event of a bushfire threatens the school. 

Each year, we undertake thorough pre-season bushfire preparations, including:

  • a bushfire preparation audit
  • managing vegetation to reduce bushfire fuel loads on and around the school/preschool
  • updating our emergency management plan and bushfire response plan.

It’s important parents and caregivers understand how our school/preschool will act during fire danger season. The bushfire and your child’s school or preschool brochure explains:

  • bushfire risk ratings and what they mean for the school
  • what the school will do on catastrophic fire danger days
  • how the school will manage bushfire risk on school excursions and camps
  • school closures
  • how the school will respond if threatened by a bushfire

We ask parents and caregivers read and save the brochure to their device.   

Catastrophic fire ban days

Our school bushfire risk rating is R1. This means if the CFS give advance notice of a forecast catastrophic fire ban danger day, our school will be directed to close automatically.

On catastrophic fire ban days, no persons are permitted on the school grounds regardless of whether it’s a week day or weekend.

If the CFS elevates an existing fire danger rating to catastrophic on the day, our school will remain open unless otherwise advised. However, all after school activities including out of school hours care and sports will be cancelled.

How you can prepare for a bushfire emergency

To help us keep your child as safe as possible, we encourage parents and caregivers to prepare for the fire danger season by:

  • making a bushfire survival plan with your family
  • providing us with your up-to-date contact details
  • advising the school if your family’s personal bushfire survival plan will impact school attendance
  • talking to your child about what will happen if a bushfire emergency occurs
  • liking the CFS, SES and SAPOL pages on Facebook
  • reading the bushfire and your child’s school or preschool

Help us keep your child safe this bushfire season - preparing for a bushfire